Pas Possible: Falling in and out of Love with France


“As an American high school student, a homestay experience on a farm with a family in France changes Jessica’s life forever: she falls desperately in love with the country, its language and culture. This story follows her as she returns to France time and again, visiting her host family in the North, exploring the South of France, and finally living for a year in Toulouse through a college study abroad program.

During her year in Toulouse, “la ville rose,” as a twenty year old student, Jessica makes international friends, skips class in order to travel Europe, visits her distant French relatives in a small southern village, and tries her hand at dating Frenchmen. Throughout the adventure, she sharpens her French language skills, embraces and rejects French culture, and finds and loses many friends and lovers along the way. This is a coming of age tale about adoring the idea of a foreign country as experienced during vacation, and then struggling with the cultural differences and unique challenges of actually living there.”

Here’s what people are saying about Pas Possible:

“Captivating, funny, surprising adventures. The author paints a good picture of the trials and tribulations of an American student living abroad in France. Highly recommend, enjoy the journey!”

“I don’t want it to end! As I read it, I feel like I’m there. What an amazing way to share such an experience!”

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